Download CMSImport

CMSImport v3.7.8 Package installer Download
CMSImport Documentation Download

Additional downloads

CMSImport.FieldProviders.NuPicker Download
CMSImport.DataProviders.Wordpress Download
CMSImport.Dataproviders.Merchello Download
CMSImport DataProviders for Umbraco Download
CMSImport.DataProviders.JSONDataProvider Download
CMSImport.DataProviders.RSS Download
CMSImport.Dataproviders.MySql Download
CMSImport.DataProviders.BlogML Download
CMSImport.FieldProviders.Teacommerce Download
CMSImport.ImportProviders.MemberserviceImportProvider Download

Install Umbraco package

Download the above CMSImport package file and install it in Umbraco using the Umbraco package installer. In case you have a license make sure to add the license to the /bin folder. That will unlock the PRO features. When you need to install Wordpress, BlogML, or RSS data download and install the additional Data adapter also.

Install via Nuget

To install CMSImport via Nuget, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package CMSImport

System Requirements:

CMSImport is compatible with Umbraco versions 6 and 7, is compatible with SQL Server (Express),. CMSImport requires .net Framework 4.5 Software.