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SEO Checker on Umbraco 7.7+

September 26, 2017

Last week Umbraco 7.7 came out with a new improved user interface. In previous versions the user that installs SEOChecker was automatically assigned to the SEOChecker section. In Umbraco 7.7. you need to assign rights to groups instead of users. So after installing SEOChecker you don't see the SEOChecker automatically.

How to assign a User group to the SEOChecker section?

Assigning SEOChecker to a group is easy. Go to the user section and click on the Groups icon. This will show all user groups.


Select the User group you want to have access to the SEOChecker section. This will open a Dialog where you can select SEOChecker. Then save the settings and you will see SEOChecker in the sections menu.


Will this be added to the installer?

Yes the installer will be changed to support User groups but this will be the installer for V2 which is getting close to finished. So for the time being this will be a manual step but very soon it will be assigned automatically again for the User group of the user that installs the package.