"This is a really good product, my client has a few umbraco sites which I am rebuilding, and this makes life SOOO easy!!"

Chris Lord, RAPP


Umbraco admin reset

November 27, 2015

We receive a lot of client environments for debugging edge cases, reproducing issues or extending functionality. When we receive those environments almost every time we need to hack ourselves into the backoffice by setting password format for the Umbraco user provider to clear text and insert a password. This worked "perfect" before, but Umbraco 7.3+ doesn't accept clear password format anymore and gives you an exception when you set password to clear text.

It was always a bit work to edit the credentials so I wanted to solve the above problem and don't want to worry about it anymore. Therefore I created the Umbraco Admin reset project which sets the Admin username to Admin and sets the admin password to Admin1234!. As a bonus it makes sure the admin user is not locked. This could be a common problem so i thought I could share it with you.


When you want to use this project in your own environment to reset Admin credentials download the dll from our.umbraco,org and add it to the /bin folder. The next website request will make sure the admin gets reset and the dll gets deleted again.

Want to tweak the functionality? The source code can be found on GitHub

Hope you can use it as well.