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BlockGrid and Blocklist support for CMSImport

December 15, 2023

Umbraco V13 was released yesterday so we've upgraded our products to the latest version. And we've added some new features to CMSImport.

BlockGrid and Blocklist support for CMSImport

We've been working on this feature quite some time, but finally we can map against BlockGrid and BlockList element types in CMSImport.

When CMSImport detects a property editor that supports storage of element types(currently BlockGrid and BlockList) it will allow you to select one or more elements via a picker and map fields against the properties for the element type like you normally would do on document type level. Advanced settings etc is also supported for these fields.


(Click on image for larger view)

Inline errors for property mapping

Besides this we improved the confirm screen a bit and we also made sure error messages in the mapping are displayed on property mapping level as well, so not just on the top of the page and you needed to search where the error came from


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Other Packages

All other packages are upgraded to Umbraco V13, .NET 8 and  have appsettings schema support so it's easier to update appsettings.config.