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Cristian van Nispen, Tam Tam


Caching improvements in SEOChecker 13.1

January 29, 2024

Today we've released V13.1 of SEOChecker. This release is all about caching.

Control the timeout

Previous the caching timeout was set to a fixed 60 minutes. Now you have control over the timeout in the SEOChecker section of appsettings.json you can specify the timeout now (default is still 60 minutes)

 "SEOChecker": { "CacheTimeOutInMinutes": 5 }

Manually reset cache

If you need to reset the cache form some reason you could have done that by saving the settings in the backoffice but since 13.1 you can also right click on the SEOChecker rootnode (1). Then a dialog appears and click on ok (2) will clear the cache


This will also send a ping to all other servers in a load balanced environment so cache is reset for the whole platform.