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Bulk change document type

May 30, 2016

Today we have released version 1.8 of Bulkmanager. In this version we've added the option to change document types in a bulk operation. This is very useful when you want to change the structure of your site or when you made a mistake. It works almost identical to the Change Document type dialog in Umbraco.

Simply search and select the documents you want to change the document type for and select the "Change document type" action. Select the new type and map all the properties to the new document type. If you selected documents of different document types all properties from the source document types are listed. Then select "Change document type" button and all selected documents will be converted to the new type.

The video below shows all the details how to change the document type  using Bulkmanager.

Convert Property editor values

The bulk action is also using FieldConverters that allows you to convert values from one datatype to another. In the video above we mapped publishdate which is using a Umbraco.Date property editor on the source document type and a Umbraco.DateTime property editor  on the target type. Bulkmanager knows how to convert the value so you can use it in the mapping.

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