"Made exporting hundreds of members and custom properties a breeze. Outstanding support from Richard as always!"

Matt Darby, Thirty Seven


dotnet add package CMSImport

September 29, 2021

Yesterday Umbraco released version 9 of Umbraco which is now on .net Core. Today we are happy to announce that CMSImport V9 is out and  will run on the latest Umbraco version.

Instead of installing CMSImport via the package section in Umbraco you can now use.

dotnet add package CMSImport

Few changes

Because of the upgrade to .net core we no longer support web.config and since modifying configuration in JSON is easier than clicking around in UI we removed the settings from the import section.

We also have changed our versioning strategy. Since we create packages for Umbraco only we will make sure that from now our major versions match the Umbraco major versions. Then you always know a V9 package will work on Umbraco v9 as well.

Little history

 Did you know this package was our first package we wrote for Umbraco in 2008. We even won a price on Codegarden US in 2008. That was also the first time we needed to port the code from V3 of Umbraco to V4.  If you want to see Richard bumbling during the demo, check out this video.

First public CMSImport release

Happy importing!