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JSON Dataprovider for CMSImport

February 03, 2016

It has been requested a few times by our customers. So we are very happy to announce that we finally developed a dataprovider that can import data from JSON feeds. 

How it works

Once you installed the latest version of CMSImport (3.4 +) and the JSON Dataprovider. You will see the following option in your datasource selection list.

When you have selected  the JSON provider and click next you will see the datasource options for JSON Files.

Now you can select the JSON file and specify a JSONPath expression. JSONPath is XPath for JSON files. With a single expression it gives you a collection of items.

In this sample we are retrieving all public toilet data of the city of Antwerp.The JSONPath expression gives us all nodes underneath data. When you click next CMSImport will work with the JSON data in the same way you are used to import your data.

If you want to learn more about JSONPath. Check out these excelent samples


If you want to try the JSON dataprovider simply install the latest CMSImport version (3.4+) and the additional JSON dataprovider (only works on Umbraco v7). Then it will just work, also with the free version of CMSImport.