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MediaProtect v2 released

November 29, 2016

Earlier this month we finally released version 2.0 of MediaProtect. This version is completely refactored and is using the latest Umbraco standards.

Works with Azure blob storage

If you have used the previous version of MediaProtect it was not possible to use Blob storage on Azure. This is changed now since MediaProtect is using the Umbraco Filesystem provider instead of the physical filesystem. When you store the media in private blobs the files are secure on your Umbraco site and you need to be authenticated on Azure to view the file.

This integration is tested using the awesome UmbracoFileSystemProviders.Azure package.

Better NuGet integration

In the previous version of MediaProtect it was already possible to install MediaProtect using NuGet. A post install action that copies dll's based on a version sometimes caused an issue. This is no longer needed so it's really easy to install MediaProtect using NuGet, just type

PM> Install-Package MediaProtect

Tested on Umbraco Cloud
MediaProtect is tested on Umbraco cloud. We are working on a Courier provider so you can transfer data between environments. Need early access to this provider? Email support and let us know.

Implement your own authentication rules
Authentication is also changed. By default MediaProtect is using the Member Service to check for authentication. You can also use the standard asp.net Membership API by a simple configuration change. You can also implement you own authentication provider to support any type of authentication. Implement your own authentication provider when you want to allow download of a pdf only for users that agreed with terms en conditions or people that are registered in a database. Keep an eye on our blog where we will post an example soon.

Works really good with Image cropper
MediaProtect was always working using the image cropper but on large sites it could slow down the site. This is solved now. MediaProtect will index the protected files and use the index to query the protected files.

Works on Umbraco 7.4+

V2 requires at least Umbraco 7.4. Working with an older version of Umbraco? No worries download a copy of V1 from the archive page.

Deli licenses

Umbraco dropped support for Deli sales almost 4 years ago. This was the time for us to drop support for their licenses. If you didn't already upgrade your license to our new licensing by creating an account and send us the old license from our.umbraco.org. We will make sure the license will be available in your account.

Server or Unlimited license upgrades

For MediaProtect V2 you need to upgrade your license if you are using an Unlimited or Server license of MediaProtect. If you purchased the license longer than one year ago the prices will be 149,00 for a Unlimited license, or € 99,00 for a Server License. You can upgrade licenses easily from your profile .

Download a free trial

Want to try MediaProtect before buying a license? Download a free trial here, or install via NuGet. If you want to try on a test server first, ask our support team for a 14 day trial license.