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Simon Dingley, Prolific Notion


MemberExport V3

November 20, 2018

Today we have released MemberExport V3. Our tool to export members and all of the properties from Umbraco to Excel, or CSV.

Besides that the UI is 100% Angular now, V3 will come with a simple query builder where you can define your criteria before exporting. This saves you a lot of time modifying the exported file when you only need data that match a certain criteria.


This filter works the same as query filters in Umbraco, so should be easy to use..

Resources on GitHub

Starting V3 we are moving some parts to a public GitHub repository. We are starting with translations so you can add your own translations, or fix spelling issues on an existing language file.

All can be found on GitHub. If you modify a file or add a translation, please do a pull request.

Breaking changes

No major versions without breaking changes. Below you find the breaking changes:

  • MemberExport requires Umbraco V7.7+
  • Removed ability to create own Export providers

Server or unlimited user?

If you purchased MemberExport more than 1 year ago and if you areĀ  a server or unlimited client. You might need to purchase a license update. Domain license are always forever free. To find out if you need to update your license. you can go to your profile page. If your license needs an update you will see the License update section in your overview. You can update immediately from your profile.