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MySql dataprovider for CMSImport

January 07, 2016

Today we've released version 3.3.1 of CMSImport. We've fixed a couple of issues and if you are using Umbraco 7.4 Beta it's a must install since it fixes an error in Member import related to Umbraco 7.4 and it allows you to use the decimal datatype.

 Besides this we've added a separate MySql provider  that allows you to use MySql as a datasource. It's not added to the core package of CMSImport because only a handful of people will use this provider.

Install the MySql dataprovider

The Umbraco package for the dataprovider can be downloaded here. Just install it via the package installer or use the following command in the Package Manager Console.

PM> Install-Package CMSImport.DataProviders.MySql

Use the dataprovider

Using the provider works  the same as the SQL server provider. Specify a connection string, and specify a query.