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SEO Checker and Umbraco 7.6

May 24, 2017

A few weeks ago Umbraco v7.6 was released. This version caused a lot of issues with SEOChecker v1.9.4.. It all got started with this thread on our.umbraco,org and continued filling up  the support email inbox, few pings on skype and twitter. So it was obvious something was completely broken.

What happened?

SEOChecker v1.9 was still using the old legacy SQL helper in Umbraco and legacy classes for document type definition which under the hood also uses the legacy SQL helper. The legacy SQLHelper has a bug that leaves connections open. Of course we could wait for a fix from HQ but the last few versions caused issues with SEOChecker so we've decided to use the new services instead of legacy objects. Lucky for use we've converted those already in V2 of SEOChecker that is currently in development so we "only" needed to take those out and put them in the V1 release.

Breaking change

SEO Checker was always compatible with versions v4.x up to v7. This is no longer the case. SEOChecker V1.10+ will only work on Umbraco 7.5+.

Performance improvements

Besides making sure SEOChecker works on Umbraco 7.6+ again we've also removed the Url History repository which was responsible to try to fix 404 issues on a site. With the Redirects table from Umbraco that tracks url changes this functionality is no longer needed and caused some issues on large websites.

See all changes on the release notes page.

Sorry if you ran into any issues. Hope all is smooth sailing from here again.