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Martijn Beumers, Axendo


SEOChecker 2.10

March 17, 2021

Today we've released version 2.10 of SEOChecker  which is also known as the better Umbraco 8 Multi lingual release.

Improved XmlSItemap

In this release we make it possible to have multilingual support for Xml Sitemaps. In Multilingual situation SEOChecker will generate an XmlSitemap index file that contains references to all the individual Language Sitemaps.

SitemapindexWe also made a massive performance improvement for rendering XmlSitemap. Rendering is almost instant now,.

Configuration can be stored in the database

On (Umbraco) cloud installations configuration could be a pain since it needed to be checked in into source control. This is a problem when dev/staging/production domains used different settings. Since 2.10 it's possible to store the configuration in the database as well. Check the user manual how to do this.

Better proxy support

SEO Checker uses the HTTPrequest object to determine the url and Http(s) Scheme this conflicts when your site is using a Proxy such as Cloudfare. SEOChecker respects  the UmbracoApplicationUrl you define in umbracosettings.config now. So when you have specified the correct domain and scheme there it will use that.

Several bugfixes

Besides all above we fixed several bugs as well. Check out the release notes for all the changes.