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SEOChecker for Umbraco V8

May 28, 2019

Today we've released SEOChecker V2.8 which supports Umbraco V8.Besides just converting and polishing the codebase to support V8, we made sure it has the V8 look and feel we've also added Multilingual support.


Multi lingual support

Umbraco V8 comes with language variants. SEOChecker can be used with language variants and side by side editing as well. Not only SEOChecker allows you to add SEO data per culture, it will also render language specific metadata such as HrefLang tags which allows you to tell Google about localized versions of your page.

Side by side seo editing

What's next

The current version has almost the same features as the V7 version had, it only looks better. Now that V8 is out we can use new concepts such as content apps. That is the next thing we will focus on for future versions of SEOChecker. We've already started experimenting with this open source content app that allows you to generate campaign urls.

Also we decided to only SEOChecker for Umbraco V8 as an Umbraco package to avoid conflicts we've seen with other V8 NuGet packages. When Umbraco v8 is used by a greater audience we will of course release a NuGet package as well.

Give it a try

Here you can download SEOChecker 2.8 for V8. When you don't have a license, mail to support and we are happy to generate a trial license for you.