"Bulk Manager is a truly indispensable product providing comprehensive file management for Umbraco. We have saved literally hundreds of hours of developer time using it."

Richard Barg, University of California


Umbraco V8.1 support

July 10, 2019

Yesterday Umbraco released V8.1 of the Umbraco CMS. This version includes some breaking changes and therefore we've updated our packages. This was all smooth sailing so we are happy to inform you that we've released updates of SEOChecker, Media Protect and Member export that work on Umbraco V8.1.

No Umbraco V8.0.x support

Because of the breaking changes we will not support V8.0.x anymore. With all the fixes in V8.1 of Umbraco it's best to upgrade anyway.

What about CMSImport and Bulkmanager?

Those V8 compatible packages are still in development were CMSImport is a complete rewrite but we hope to have V8 compatible releases this summer.