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Umbraco V9 support

September 06, 2021

Umbraco V9 is about to be released and our main focus at the moment is getting our packages ready for Umbraco V9. We started with upgrading this summer and you should see beta versions being released the next weeks.


First package that is in beta for Umbraco V9 is MemberExport. You can install it using:

PM> Install-Package MemberExport --version 9.0.0-beta1

If you are using SQLCE as database provider you need the following package as well.

PM> Install-Package MemberExport.SqlCE --version 9.0.0-beta1

New versioning

As you probably have seen we updated our versioning strategy as well. From Umbraco V9 on major versions of our packages will match major versions of Umbraco. For Server and Unlimited license we will make sure the (update) license is valid for the next 2 Major versions of Umbraco. So if you buy a license for V9 it will be valid for V9 and v10. Or if you recently bought a License it will be valid for that version and V9 version of Umbraco.