"This is a really good product, my client has a few umbraco sites which I am rebuilding, and this makes life SOOO easy!!"

Chris Lord, RAPP


CMSImport on Umbraco 7.6

May 29, 2017

Umbraco 7.6 introduced 2 new property editors, ContentPicker2 and Mediapicker2. Those property editors were not compatible with CMSImport. Today we've released v3.7.1 which has Field providers for ContentPicker2 and MediaPicker2 property editors.

See all changes on the release notes page

Merchello Import provider update

CmsImport had some issues with the 2.5 release of Merchello. The reason for this was that the .Net Framework version of Merchello increased. We've updated our references and all is working with v2.5 of Merchello now.

We've also added NuGet support for the Merchello provider so you can download the package from the download page or simply use

PM> Install-Package CMSImport.ImportProviders.Merchello

Web.config change needed for member import

Umbraco 7.6 is secure by default. This means you can't change your password or choose your own password by default (you will see errors during import). This is functionality CMSImport uses when you map a value against the password field.

If you open the web.config file and search for UmbracoMembershipProvider and then set the allowManuallyChangingPassword attribute to true. CMSImport can map against the password field again.

All packages can be found on the download page.

Happy importing!