Release notes

13.1.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Import content for later Wordpess export formats
  • Updated Umbraco dependency to 13.1.1

13.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed BulkImport notifications

13.1 Update  release

  • Updated Sql Client and Closed Xml Dependencies to latest version
  • Ensured manifest file from previous version is deleted on install.

13.0.1 BugfixrRelease

  • Fix Records deleted when Skip is selected as update action and delete records no longer in datasource is enabled

13 Major Release

  •  Added support for Umbraco V13
  •  Updated to .NET 8
  •  BlockGrid and BlockList  support
  •  Improved UI for field validation
  •  Improved UI for confirm screen
  •  Breaking Added AppSettings Schema support. Breaking change change when you configured appsettings fpr CMSImport.

12.0.1 Bugfix release

  • Fix Records deleted when Skip is selected as update action and delete records no longer in datasource is enabled

12 Release

  • Support For Umbraco V12


  • Added support for IsApproved on member import
  • Fixed Casing Viewlocation bug
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't execute


  • Fixed Member could not login with imported credentials
  • Fixed Secure settings SMTP not respected


  • Runs on Umbraco 11
  • .net 7 Support


  • Fix Records deleted when Skip is selected as update action and delete records no longer in datasource is enabled


  • Added support for IsApproved on member import
  • Fixed Casing Viewlocation bug
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't execute

10.0.4 Release

  • Fixed Member could not login with imported credentials

10.0.3 Release

  • Fixed Secure settings SMTP not respected

10.0.2 Release

  • Added: When Primary key is a GUID value map that to document Id
  • Fixed  JSON provider doesn't work when no JSONPath ios given
  • Fixed: JSON Path title was incorrect

10 Major Release

  • Support for Umbraco V10

9.2 Release

  • Added: When Primary key is a GUID value map that to document Id
  • Fixed  JSON provider doesn't work when no JSONPath ios given
  • Fixed: JSON Path title was incorrect

9.1 Release

  • Updated Config for appsettings
  • Fixed LicensePath issues
  • Fixed Advanced mapping issues.

9.0 Major release

  • Breaking change: Net 5.0 support
  • Breaking change: Config moved to appsettings.config
  • Breaking change: No longer allowed to upload as Umbraco package
  • Breaking change: Namespaces changed, only breaking when you extend CMSImport.
  • Update: Settings are no longer set via UI.

4.2.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed License not recognized when uploading from dashboard and have UmbracoLicensesDirectory configured

4.2.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: License Upload fails sometimes
  • Fixed; Danish Language file contains an XML error.

 4.2.1 Bugfix release

  • Added support for UmbracoLicensesDirectory web.config key.
  • Fixed; Cancel events doesn't cancel import

4.2 Upgrade release

  •     Added support for the new Umbraco MediaPicker
  •     Fixed When Update is disabled, primary key shouldn't be validated
  •     Fixed Can't assign format to createdata of member

4.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Make sure Advanced field providers respect Cancel propery of Fieldproviders

4.1 Upgrade release

  • Added: recordskipped event for records that were canceled during import
  • Added: DefinitionName on model when saving state.
  • Fixed: Can't login with imported password.
  • Fixed: Boolean Must accept True/False values as well.
  • Fixed: Structured data for dictionary items fail.
  • Fixed: When Image folder is specified Media import can't find files.
  • Fixed: Membergroup view not in Umbraco package.
  • Fixed: Assign Membergroups show System.Collections.Generic.List`in confirmstep.
  • Fixed: Duplicate Items in mapping.

4.0  Major release

  • Support for Umbraco V8.5+
  • Breaking changes: Will not work with older Umbraco versions and Legacy custom code will Not Work

3.7.8. Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Udi parsers fails sometimes
  • Fixed: Skip and Take of records added to UmbracoMemberimportprovider
  • Fixed: Wordpress namespaces in wordpress dataprovider
  • Fixed: Delete Members not in datasource is using legacy member API
  • Fixed: Value for ContentPicker2 property editor should be null when no relation is found

3.7.7. Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Media property validator for Umbraco Media resolver.
    Fixed: JSONPath array issue with the JSON Dataprovider.
    Fixed: Determine to use Udi or Id in Umbraco data provider.
    Fixed: Case senstive issue when assigning role to member.
    Fixed: Link resolver in Umbraco dataprovider should work for ContentPicker2 and MNTP2.

3.7.6 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Umbraco import provider should support Umbraco.ImageCropper.
  • Fixed: Media Picker doesn't link to folder since UDI support in Umbraco.
  • Fixed: IsMedia throws exception on MNTP Afvanced settings control.
  • Fixed: Add support for compositions in Umbraco data import provider.
  • Fixed: Set default Id information in Umbraco Content data provider.
  • Fixed: Multiple media picker using Umbraco Import provider doesn't work.

3.7.5 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Increase Command timout for sql server.
  • Fixed Default boolean value works with true/false property editor.
  • Fixed Default value gets ignored when creating a document.
  • Added Caching of contenttype info to increase performance
  • Added mapping for Merchello "is shippable" property.

 3.7.4 Bugfix release

  • Fixed MUltiNodeTreePicker2 Fieldprovider not hit.
  • Fixed MUltiNodeTreePicker2 is not recognized for media import.
  • Fixed Umbraco import provider can't find the old media.

3.7.3 Bugfix release

  • Added FieldProvider for Umbraco.MulitipleDropDown field
  • Added UDI Attribute on images in Rich Text editor
  • Fixed UDI is not set correctly on initial import
  • Fixed localization for US language

3.7.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed mediapicker2 UDI issue
  • Add message on use membership provider when 7.6+ is used
  • Fixed Umbraco import provider media import has issues when import path is in /media

3.7.1 Bugfix release

  • Added support for ContentPicker2 and Mediapicker2 (Umbraco 7.6+) property editors
  • Fixed Dropdownlist uses alias of prevalue instead of text
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't run for creating documents
  • Fixed Make Merchello provider compatible with Merchello 2.5 (requires Merchello import provider)

3.7 Update release

  • Added Merchello provider
  • Added Membership import provider
  • Fixed Media item can't be imported from cropped image field
  • Fixed Make alias protected on Data and import provider

3.6 Update release

  • Updated Log import result in Umbraco Logfile see
  • Added CancelMessage to recordimporting event. 

3.5.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Cropper JSON in Image source of Rich text editor.
  • Fixed CustomId column is missing on SQL CE database not deployed in 3.5.2.

3.5.2 Bugfix release

  • Added Xpath Dropdownlist support in Umbraco Dataprovider.
  • Added option to import selected parent umbraco node also.
  • Fixed Image cropper bug.
  • Fixed CustomId error during import on SQLCe database.
  • Fixed JArray gives error in JSON Dataprovider.

3.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed relation error in content import.
  • Updated license dll.

3.5 Update release

  • Added Merchello support (Requires separate dataprovider).
  • Added Additional separator option to cmsimport config.
  • Added Media support for Umbraco.ImageCropper.
  • Added import feedback message on Import Dashboard.
  • Fixed Can't use https url in filepicker of dataprovider.
  • Fixed MySql dataprovider Connection closed during import.
  • Fixed Remove cropper dimensions from url during import to avoid duplicates.
  • Fixed Url is missing when updating media item from rich text field.
  • Improved relation for structured content in Umbraco data provider.

3.4 Update release

  • Added JSON Dataprovider (v7 only and requires a separate package file).
  • Added NuPicker support (v7 only and requires a separate package file).
  • Fixed validate media location for advanced settings of rich text editor.
  • Fixed duplicate media items get inserted when using umbraco importer.
  • Fixed created content node for new records needs to be deleted when in error state.
  • Fixed Hide file upload field in Import dahboard for urls.
  • Fixed Missing properties due doctype change in wizard should not block validation.

3.3.1 Bugfix release

  • Added Decimal support for Umbraco V7.4 +.
  • Updated license dll.
  • Fixed CheckboxList Umbraco provider doesn't return all values.
  • Fixed Duplicate tags get inserted (Umbraco 7.3+).
  • Fixed PropertyRepository throws error when ContentType alias is also a membertype alias.
  • Fixed PropertyRepository throws error when retrieving properties Umbraco 7.4+.
  • Fixed Media import error in scheduled task.
  • Added additional MySql dataprovider (Separate download).

3.3 Update release

  • Updated Url picker to connect to authenticated data sources.
  • Added support for Memberpicker in Umbraco dataprovider.
  • Fixed Tree not synced correctly.
  • Fixed FieldLength error when importing Members using the Umbraco dataprovider.
  • Fixed Dictionary import fails when Parent column is not mapped.
  • Fixed Increase timeout on sqlserver import helper.
  • Fixed MediaResolver doesn't work for memberimport.
  • Fixed deleted media references in old umbraco site breaks media import.
  • Fixed Dashboard upload zip doesn't respect folder structure.

3.2 Update release

  • Breaking change. add a Break option to FieldProvideroptions, once set import should stop processing other Fieldproviders. Only breaking for custom field providers
  • Fixed. Copy option should not be visible for new definitions.
  • Fixed. Install trees correctly on 6.2.x+.
  • Fixed. $site is not working in xpath.
  • Improved. Remember contenttype settings in Umbraco dataprovider when changing datasource (Umbraco Dataprovider).
  • Improved. Finding relations (Umbraco Dataprovider).

3.1.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Advanced settings are missing for date controls in V7.
  • Fixed: Advanced settings not available for boolean fields.
  • Fixed: Deleted old aspx files in packages.
  • Fixed: Delete old records doesn't work when skip is selected.
  • Fixed: Media can't be imported from rich text with query parameter appended.
  • Fixed: Media items can't be resolved from old Umbraco environment (Umbraco dataprovider).
  • Fixed: Link to old Umbraco node could not be resolved (Umbraco dataprovider).

V3.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Nuget package was missing CMSImportScheduler.config
  • Fixed.Createdate gets reset after publish.

V3.1 Update release

  • Added MySQL Support.
  • Added SQL CE Support.
  • Added NUGet Support.
  • Added publish and expire data to content import(Umbraco provider).
  • Fixed Password not stored correctly on Umbraco V6.2.x.
  • Fixed Update on empty fields are not updated.
  • Fixed Invalid column name 'controlId' error when import from Umbraco 7.2.1 (Umbraco provider).

V3.0.1 BugFix release

  • Fixed Scheduler throws exception on long running imports.
  • Fixed MNTP Advanced setting is not recognized in V7.
  • Fixed Sometimes duplicate column exception when import from Umbraco Content DataSource.
  • Added providers for Teacommerce and uWebshop import

V3 Major release

  • Architecture update
  • Much faster imports.
  • Showing progress messages during import.
  • More consistent layout.
  • Umbraco V7 is not using the old icons anymore.
  • More robust scheduled tasks.
  • Support for dictionary import.
  • Support for importing Umbraco data from a different environment.
  • Added option to automatically delete records that are no longer in the data source.
  • Breaking change dropped support for Umbraco version 4.
  • Breaking change removed Umbraco.licensing.dll (Deli).
  • Breaking API change event signature change.
  • Breaking API change DataAdapter is now Data Provider and structure changed.
  • Breaking API change Field providers signature change.
  • Map Media file types in settings.
  • Check if property is changed before save.
  • Added option to store passwords as clear text.
  • Fixed Create date is working again.
  • Fixed Delete button on content picker throws error in Umbraco V7.

2.5.3 Bugfix release

  • Added support for uTagsy in V7.
  • Fixed MNTP media doesn't work in V7.
  • Fixed LoginName string is used when creating a member.
  • Fixed MNTP xmpath doesn't work.
  • Fixed images don't get picker up when not starting with /.

2.5.2 Bugfix release

  • yes/no support for boolean columns
  • Support for MNTP in Umbraco V7
  • xls instead of xlsx file extensionthrows invalid signature error

2.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Added Support for V7 content picker.
  • Fixed HTMLAgilityPack conflict on Umbraco V7.
  • Fixed Can't change member type.
  • Fixed install script on Azure.
  • Fixed Wordpress categopries and tags could be recognized.
  • Fixed Image thumbs don't get generated when extension is in uppercase.

2.5 Update release

  • Umbraco V7 compatibility
  • Replaced FieldAdpaters with FieldProviders, Old field adapters will still work
  • Removed data type selection from configuration screen
  • Removed Import here option from content node.

2.4 Update release

  • Improved field validation for Umbraco V6.x
  • Multi node picker lookup support for content
  • Import and assign media folders support.
  • Support for uBlogsy V3
  • Added extra Wordpress and BlogML Data adapters (before update install the additional Data adapters packages if you used them in previous versions). Wordpress pages are supported also.
  • References to files and content are removed when you add items to recylce bin instead of deleting items from recylce bin
  • Removed create date mapping for Umbraco V6 since that will be ignored by the API.
  • Introduced BulkImport events in the API

2.3.3 Update release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system

2.3.2 Update release

  • Fix Recursive import doesn't work on a child import definition.
  • Fix Value from Tags datatype doesn't get assigned
  • Fix Null Values throw errors in Umbraco V6
  • Fix Autopublish causing weird update behaviours in Umbraco V6
  • Fix Rss feed needs file upload in Dashboard for editors
  • Fix URL option doesn't work with wordpress and BlogML
  • Add option XML DataAdapter can determine if child nodes need to be imported as Text or xml

 2.3.1 Update release

  • Fixed Umbraco V6 compatibility issues

2.3 Update release:

  • Added HTML decode option on rich text editor.
  • Added refresh option on every tree node.
  • Better error messages in case of duplicate column headers on Excel and Csv files.
  • When updating an Import definition with a different Worksheet name in the Excel file a normal error message is shown.
  • When a record fails to import, the title of the document, or loginname will be reported also.
  • Details about skipped records are logged in the UmbracoLog table.
  • Fixed YSOD is shown when media rootfolder of advanced setting is deleted.
  • Fixed publishDate property isn't updated in content import.

2.2.1 Update Release:

  • Added support for 4.8.0
  • Fixed Scheduled task doesn't run when mapped as different user
  • Tree gets automatically refreshed when logging in after install
  • Updated Umbraco License dll

2.2 Update Release

  • Added a new Excel component that doesn't require anything installed on the server
  • Added support for uBlogsy
  • Fixed concat of large text elements in Excel
  • Wordpress v1.1 and above export format not recognized
  • Parents of structured import don't get published
  • Media zip gives validation error in Import dashboard

2.1.1 Update Release

  • Added support for Digibiz Advanced Media Picker V2 (only when DAMP is configured for the default Umbraco Image and File mediatypes)

2.1 Update Release

  • Added import dashboard for use on the content section
  • Added media import support for Ucomponents Multi Node Tree Picker
  • Added instructions for media import
  • Added warning message when changing document type.
  • Added CMSImport Icon (Thanks to Arnold Visser @aim24)
  • Fixed installer didn't use dbo prefix to install tables
  • Fixed assign null values in some cases didn't work
  • Fixed upload fieldadapter not working in 2.0.

2.0.1 Bugfix Release

  • Added support for Open Calais datatype
  • Updated save method, only save when all data is mapped to avoid state issues
  • Fixed Autopublish on recursive imported documents
  • Fixed Passord mapping for members always returned empty string
  • Fixed Can't assign date values from sql server
  • Fixed Can't assign boolean values from sqlserver
  • Fixed:Default values work on Date datatype also

2.0 Major release

  • Breaking change. FieldAdapters doesn't support media options anymore. Fieldadaptersettings for media are  replaced with the Advanced Field settings.
  • Added support for structured import of content
  • Added support for advanced field settings
  • Added support for Teacommerce and Uwebshop out of the box
  • Added support for MS access and MS Excel datasources (Requires a driver to be installed)
  • Added suport for BlogML, Rss and Wordpress Datasources
  • Added support for attributes on an Xml File
  • Added optional enable/disable DataAdapters
  • Added Tab and Alias info when mapping columns
  • Added Last run info screen for Scheduled tasks
  • Added FamFamFam Icons by Mark James (
  • Added copy datasource to child import if it's using the same datasource
  • Fixed Days persistence error on scheduled task screen
  • Fixed update option is disabled by default when starting cmsimport from the content node
  • Fixed Codearea used for settings screen
  • Fixed When related image can't be found exception is thrown

1.2 Service release

  • Added support for Umbraco 4.6
  • Added membername mapping for memberpickers
  • Fixed CSV Comment issue
  • Fixed breaking on memberlogins that contains null
  • Fixed fieldadapters on fixed properties never got hit
  • Fixed Scheduler not always runs on the scheduled date/time

1.1 Update release

  • Added support for FieldAdapters to modify data during import
  • Added support for Content related media import
  • Added Pre Save event
  • Added CMSImport.Extensions DLL
  • Added option to ignore update options
  • Fixed Several CSV options
  • Fixed save path of cmsimport.config file
  • Fixed errormessages for dataadapters
  • Fixed rendering tree titles when switching sections in V4.5
  • Fixed Validate state onload for saved options

1.0 Initial release