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Glen Foster, Maglabs


CMSImport V3 released

January 27, 2015

Yes! We finally released CMSImport V3. This is a version we are working on for a while and we are very excited that it's finally out. Feature highlights of this new version:

  • Much faster because of using the new Umbraco Services.
  • Remove records that are no longer in the datasource.
  • Supports  dictionary items import.
  • Assign member group options to a datasource column.
  • Status messages during import.
  • Improved scheduler.
  • Additional provider for Umbraco import.
  • And a lot more changes......

Import old Umbraco data

One feature we love is that we can import content, dictionary items and members from old Umbraco environments now, Simply point to the old SQL server database and you can import the old data. Conversions of Id's and media paths are handled by CMSImport. The video below shows you how it's done. You need to install the additional CMSImport data providers for Umbraco for this.

New Architecture

All logic is provider based now. So you can extend any part of CMSImport and it allows us to add different providers as well. So expect import providers for non Umbraco data such as uCommerce and Merchello soon.

Check out the user manual how to use the new Providers.


Exciting to see how you can use CMSImport V3. Download the packages. You current domain license will still work. For server and unlimited licenses check out the Licens upgrades below. Of course the free version is also working but has limitations.

Upgrade warning

Because of the architectural changes in CMSImport we decided to keep all relation data but that the old V2 definitions will be deleted during upgrade. It would take at least weeks to make this work correctly and we rather focus on fixing bugs and most people don't upgrade from V2 to V3. CMSImport V3 will work on Umbraco V6 and V7

Since the architecture is changed you need to upgrade any additional data provider packages and custom created provider as well. Check the release notes for all breaking changes.

Deli licenses

Umbraco dropped support for Deli sales almost 2 years ago. This was the time for us to drop support for their licenses. If you didn't already upgrade your license to our new licensing by creating an account and send us the old license from our.umbraco.org. We will make sure the license will be available in your account.

Server or Unlimited license upgrades

For CMSImport V3  you need to upgrade your license if you are using an Unlimited or Server license of CMSImport. If you purchased the license longer than one year ago the prices will be € 149,00 for an Unlimited license, or € 99,00 for a Server License. You can upgrade licenses from your profile once released.

Domain licenses are forever free and you don't need to do anything in that case. For recently purchased Server and Unlimited licenses download the license again from your profile.