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Ismail Mayat, The Cogworks


Umbraco V6 optimization

August 21, 2013

Umbraco V6 has been out for a while. And all of our products are working on these versions, but we found some small compatibility issues and room for improvements in CMSImport and Media protect. SEO Checker and Member export are working as expected on Umbraco V6.x

We are happy to announce that these issues are fixed in CMSImport 2.4 and Media protect 1.1.10 that we just released. 

What's changed in CMSImport

We've changed the field validation process in CMSImport. Umbraco V4 stored values in the database immediately when it gets assigned, With Umbraco V6 this is done when saving the document. When an error was shown it was reporting the wrong field. This is fixed in the latest version.

We've also improved support for uBlogsy V3. CMSImport was always capable of importing data into uBlogsy 2. Now it's optimized for V3 also. Check this blogpost for a complete step through guide how to import Wordpress data into uBlogsy V3

Support for Multinode Tree Picker (MNTP)

Bonus feature when improving support for uBlogsy V3 is that CMSImport support lookup values for the Multinode Tree Picker (MNTP) for content now. Based on the configuration it will look for nodes that it can map against the assigned value. In the image below we import categories.

  1. The available Labels
  2. The MNTP Datatype.

For this record the datasource value contains “Azure, Umbraco”


And we've added some smaller improvements also. Check the release notes for all changes.

Media protect improvements

For media protect we only fixed an issue where accessing a protected image throws errors when you are not logged in and deleting a protected item had some issues with query data from the API. No nice new UX, API improvements here, we will save that for later.

If you are using Previous versions of CMSImport, or Media protect it's best to update to the latest version to make sure the bugs are fixed.