Release notes

V13.3.2 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed Keyword is missing in  DeliveryAPi output

V13.3.1 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed ExceptionValidatior throws an error.

V13.3 Update Release

  • Added Content delivery API support for all SEOChecker fields.
  • Improved Multilingual support
  • Culture based redirects for multi lingual sites
  • Content picker will be opened in the culture for the redirect in a multi lingual environment
  • Improved domain recognition
  • Updated ClosedXML component to latest version
  • Fixed sorting in overviews

V13.2 Update Release

  • Added a purger that deletes broken inbound links that are not fixed after (x) dayys/.
  • Fixed Ysod when clicking on several headers in tghe overviews
  • Fixed Sort icon not displayed on all overviews
  • Added Indexes to Url fields on the PageNotFound table
  • Increased column length on the PageNotFound table

V13.1 Update Release

  • Added Caching timeout setting to appsettings
  • Created clear cache dialog
  • Fixed distributed caching

V13 MajorRelease

  •  Added support for Umbraco V13
  •  Updated to .NET 8
  •  Breaking Appsettings schema support (when you configured appsettings for SEOChecker)
  • Imporved Rendering  of Metadata.

V12..0.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Canonical Url issue when selected with content Picker.
  • Fixed Redirects with .aspx extension don't work.
  • Fixed Mail template issue when sending scheduled emails

V12 Update release

  • Compaitible with Umbraco V12

V11.0.5 bugfix release

  • Fixed Canonical Url issue when selected with content Picker.
  • Fixed Redirects with .aspx extension don't work.
  • Fixed Mail template issue when sending scheduled emails

V11.0.4 bugfix release

  • Access statistics on inbound link errors and redirects fix

V11.0.3 bugfix release

  • Fixed issue with .net 7 outputcache

V11 Update release

  • Compaitible with Umbraco V11

V10.0.5 bugfix release

  • Fixed Canonical Url issue when selected with content Picker.
  • Fixed Redirects with .aspx extension don't work.
  • Fixed Mail template issue when sending scheduled emails

V10.0.4 Bugfix release

  • Access statistics on inbound link errors and redirects fix

V10.0.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Contenttemplate error in RobotsTxt property editor
  • Fixed: Max description length counter
  • Fixed: Culture based Sitemap.XML doesn't render.
  • Fixed: Blank XML Sitemap when disabled.
  • Fixed: Viewlocations are wrong on Linux (case sensitive) environments.

V10 Major release

  • Support For Umbraco V10

V9.0.5 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Contenttemplate error in RobotsTxt property editor
  • Fixed: Max description length counter
  • Fixed: Culture based Sitemap.XML doesn't render.
  • Fixed: Blank XML Sitemap when disabled.

V9.0.4 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Working Linkedin Url is reported as broken
  • Fixed: Url with status 503 is not reported correctly
  • Fixed: UrlRewrite disabled is ignored.

V9.0.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed; Multi site multi language sitemap 404 on second language
  • Fixed: Keywords option not available
  • Fixed: When UmbracoApplicationUrl is set /umbraco/umbraco is used in api call
  • Fixed: Custom SEOCheckerAppSettings not picked up

V9.0.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed; Preview throws 404 error
  • Fixed: Keywords option not available

V9.0.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Caching issue on robots.txt
  • Fixed: Url Rewrite issues
  • Added support for Umnbraco Licensefile directory

V9 Major release

  • Added support for Umbraco V9
  • Added support for Taghelpers
  • Breaking: Config is stored in database

V2.11.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Multilingual SEOChecker Fields are empty on non vary by culture compositions.
  • Fixed Wrong 404 page on multi lanuage environment.

V2.11.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Support for MediaPicker3 as default social property
  • Fixed Alias is null angular exception on Social Item Picker
  • Fixed Multiple langauges fail to validate when only a single language is assigned

v2.11.1 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed: alias is null angular exception on Social Item Picker for new documents
  • Added Support for MediaPicker3 as default social property.

v2.11 Update Release

  • Breaking: Replace UmbracoApplicationUrl setting with SEOChecker.UmbracoApplicationUrl in web.config (only breaking for 2.10).
  • Added SEOChecker.DisableAppRestart web.config setting.
  • Fixed: .html and .asp extension is no longer reported in inbound links errors or redirected
  • Fixed: Languages conflict in xsml sitemap when in multi site multi root situations
  • Fixed: Querystring in old url causes the redirect node to open the media instead of content tree.
  • Fixed: Wrong message for Missing keyword in bodytext

V2.10.1 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed Error on Settings node when accessing unpoublished root nodes

V2.10 Update Release

  • Added: Multilingual Xml Sitemap support.
  • Added: Option to store config in database instead of file on disk.
  • Added: XML Sitemap, allow rendering of multiple roots.
  • Added: Option to select default Media item for social image.
  • Added: Option to disable redirect stats.
  • Updated: Keyword tool setting.
  • Fixed: Slow XML SItemap Performance.
  • Fixed: Support for Frontdoor or any other proxy that conflicts with httpContext.current.
  • Fixed: Visible after first save should not be visible on existing documents.
  • Fixed: # in redirect manager on multilingual  sites.
  • Fixed: Csv Redirect Import provider can't import.
  • Fixed: ThreadAbortException Rewrite engine.
  • Fixed: Non Admin Backoffice user is logged out of Umbraco when accessing SEOCecker settings.

V2.9.5 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed: Datatype reports duplicate errors for every language.
  • Fixed: Disable URL Rewrite for Umbraco folder.
  • Fixed: Remove SEO SOcialas property of the default properties list.
  • Fixed: whatsapp:// link should be ignored.
  • Fixed: Error converting DB values to editor values on social datatype.
  • Fixed: Null reference exception on Metadata for Scheduled publishing.
  • Fixed: SEO Checker not compatible with urlProviderMode="Absolute".
  • Fixed: Caching issues in property editor converter.
  • Fixed: Twitter description renders Facebook description in individual tags.
  • Fixed: Social tags and some views don't render properly on Umbraco 8.7+.
  • Fixed: Multilingual XML Sitemap output's # for non-mandatory unpublished variants.
  • Added: Error when validation document in logfile show underlying exception now.
  • Added: When config file is missing generate default.

V2.9.1 Update Release

  • Improved: Performance on Document type settings.
  • Fixed: Scheduled publish issue
  • Fixed: UmbracoReservedpaths got excluded in redirect config.
  • Fixed: Empty metadata for pending documents result in empty snippet.
  • Fixed: Converting DB values to editor values in log

V2.9 Update Release

  • Added: Events on XML Sitemap rendering.
  • Added: Add debug log on Url rewriting logs original and target url.
  • Updated: Canonical should always be a full url.
  • Fixed: When Url changes the Cache gets invalidated multiple times.
  • Fixed: Trailing slash doesn't work anymore.
  • Fixed: Error in UrlRewriteIdProvider for url rewriting.
  • Fixed: WHen document has no template don't create a redirect for it.
  • Fixed: Don't create redirect when umbracoUrlName is used.
  • Fixed: Disable our 404 page when 404 page is configured in UmbracoSettings.Config.

V2.8.2 Update Release

  • Added Include NodeName to redirect filter criteria so we can filter on nodeName.
  • Added:Small delay on redirect filter change.
  • Fixed: Internal Cache should be cleared when saving Domain settings.
  • Fixed: Sitemap.xml doesn't get rendered (correctly) when using Multilingal domain paths (/en /nl etc).
  • Fixed: Robotst.txt doesn't get rendered when using Multilingal domain paths (/en /nl etc).
  • Fixed: seoXmlSiteMapHide is not working on v8.

V2.8.1 Update release

  • Support for Umbraco V8.1
  • Supports UmbracoLicensesDirectory web.config setting for license location
  • Fixed: Missing Config file on Umbraco cloud.
  • Breaking: V8.0.x is not supported with this version

V2.8 Umbraco V8 release

  • Compatible with Umbraco V8+
  • Breaking: Doesn't work on Umbraco v7
  • Breaking: Dropped support for XSLT and webforms controls
  • Added multilingual support

V2.2.4 Bugfix release

  • Added: Force Https Option for sitemap in web.config.
  • Fixed: Keyword textbox not available after enablding the keyword option.
  • Fixed: Re-activated Keywordselection tool option.
  • Fixed: Encoding issue when display the focus description in Umbraco.
  • Fixed: Error on SEOChecker when saving a content template.
  • Fixed: Get metadata of other pages.

V2.2.3 Bugfix release

  • Updated: Increase SEOChecker_ValidationIssues database columns on install.
  • Fixed: Encoding issue on Social datatype.
  • Fixed: Redirect with spaces fails to import.
  • Fixed: Some boolean settings are still checkboxes instead of toggle fields like Umbraco.
  • Fixed: umbracoNavihide is ignored in sitemap.xml.
  • Fixed: SEO Checker not updating fields until 2nd publish with mapped properties.

V2.2.2. Bugfix release

  • Fixed When redirect when node exists is enabled, http(s) urls are treated as relative paths.
  • Fixed When redirects overview is empty lots of console logs are generated.
  • Fixed Don't create url history redirects when url was /.

V2.2.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Add /wp-login to ignored urls for botfilter.
  • Fixed: Ignored Urls are still reported on SEO Checker datatype.
  • Fixed: Add tls 1.2 for https url validation.
  • Fixed: gets added to imported redirects.

V2.2 Bugfix release

  • Added: Validation handlers is a controller now.
  • Fixed: Redirect import should respect http(s) target urls.
  • Fixed: Exception when social media image property has a deleted image.

v2.1 Bugfix release

  • Added: Config option to enablue/disable url history tracking
  • Fixed: Twitter description label says Facebook description
  • Fixed: User has acces to issuemanagment but doesn't see issues tree
  • Fixed: 500 error on emailtemplate configuration when there are no e-mail templates in the folder
  • Fixed: Increase Column length of error descrition on ValidationIsues table
  • Fixed: Don't create redirects when old url is empty

V2.0.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed XSS issue in SEO Property editor and social editor.
  •  Fixed metadata is not used as default in social editor.
  • Fixed Optimieze Image Url for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Fixed Javascript error in ignored configuration.
  • Added option where a broken link will only be reported once instead on every page.
  • Added option to delete all issues at once.

V2 Major release

  • Removed legacy webforms code
  • Better UX by re-using Umbraco components
  • Social media support
  • External url redirect support
  • Botfilter for inbound link errors
  • Permission management
  • Improved performance
  • Breaking changes:
  • Requires Umbraco 7.7+
  • No more XSLT and webforms support

1.10.4 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Create redirects on page change
  • Fixed: Create redirects on media item change
  • Fixed: Clear cache on redirect/inbound link save to avoid false 404 issues.

1.10.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Save Icon is missing.
  • Fixed: SEOChecker reports Google Snippet is missing but Tag manager is present.
  • Fixed: Typefinder throws exception on configiration issues in some cases

1.10.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Auto assign loggedin user on Umbraco 7.7+
  • Fixed localization for US language
  • Added whatsapp:// to the ignorelist for broken links

1.10.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed SQLCE query parsing error
  • Fixed Installer on SQLCE
  • Fixed ncorrect syntax near '}' error in redirect manager

1.10 Update release

  • Breaking change! Minimum required Umbraco version is v7.5!
  • Fixed: Compatible with Umbraco 7.6+
  • Fixed SEO Checker throws "BrokenLinks" error when crawling linked in page
  • Updated: Uses Umbraco services instead of legacy classes
  • Updated: Uses Umbraco redirect table to track page name changes, improves performance. Bugfix release

  • Added Disable 404 tracking when using SEOCheckerIgnore404Request header.
  • Fixed Install fails on v7.5.2 using the package installer.
  • Fixed SVG in HTML causes multiple title tag errors.
  • Fixed Dependencyhandler.axd should not be validated.
  • Fixed BodyTextFocusKeywordNotFound exception when H1 is missing in bodytext.

1.9.4 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Doctype folders in Umbraco 7.4 are not displayed in SEOChecker config.
  • Fixed Space in referer breaks redirect overview.
  • Fixed Metadata breaks when text is longer than 160 chars without any spaces.
  • Fixed Remove install language files on every app start.
  • Fixed apostroph encoding issue.
  • Fixed Null reference exception in sitemap.xml when configured domain is in recyle bin.
  • Fixed Anonymous protocol url's are broken for media validation.

1.9.3 Bugfix release

  • Fix context issue on Umbraco 7.3.
  • Error loading document with id 0 in logs in preview mode.
  • Save not always trigerring validation.
  • Use HtmlDecode on Title field length check.
  • Id url redirect appends http://
  • Remove http and https from domain settings.
  • Applicationtree doesn't register correctly on Umbraco 6.2.5.

1.9.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Nuget file missing redirects folder
  • Fixed / gets encoded and therefore some redirects don't work
  • Fixed + sign gets replaced with space
  • Fixed Hostname could not be resolved when using a portnumber in url

1.9.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed installation issue with package actions.
  • Using brackets in focus keyword breaks datatype on V4/V6

1.9 Update release

  • Added support for Nuget.
  • Added translations for Germany and the Netherlands
  • Added option to set license file location
  • Improved logic for committing redirect statistics to the database.
  • Removed Scripts and css disallow for robots.txt file for mobile optimization
  • Fixed When template section is not set in Umbracosettings.config a ysod is thrown
  • Fixed Redirect to unpublished page should result in 404
  • Fixed When forcuskeyword has unicode chars keyword validation fails

1.8.1 Update release

  • Added Redirect import id can also be used as target
  • Update Display alias instead of name in document settings
  • Removed license check on sitemap and robots
  • Removed non relevant options from Redirect datatype
  • Fixed UrlHistory doesn't work on root outside of website
  • Fixed Redirect statistics can cause errors in rare situations
  • Fixed Redirect to unpublished pages should throw 404
  • Fixed Couldn't find any page with nodeId=-1 in logs
  • Fixed redirect issues when using ImageGen
  • Fixed error in broken link validator when https connection can't be made

1.8 Update release

  • Added support for UrlTracker redirect import
  • Update latest PackageGarden Licensing dll
  • Added warnings when Validation and/or url modules are not running
  • Fixed asp urls don't get redirected when directoryurls is false
  • Fixed Rootnode page name change causes error in the log
  • Fixed V7 property editor css files don't end up in the package
  • Fixed System.UriFormatException YSOD in redirect overview when referer is set

V1.7 Update release

  • Logging is now a provider, no more log obsolete messages
  • Fixed No more thread abort exceptions in the log
  • Added Umbraco_client and App_plugins folder to the global ignore list
  • 404 page in a multi domain setup showed the wrong version.
  • Added support for clearing cache on distributed servers

V1.6.2 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed SEOChecker urlmodule exceptions when in VS debug mode
  • Fixed When rootdomain is unpublished but has a published version it's not listed as rootnode in domain settings
  • Fixed When saving a redirect that is also stored as broken link it gets inserted twice
  • Fixed Domain name is empty in domainsettingstree when hostname is assigned and umbracoUrlName is empty
  • Fixed Include content/media options are not persistent after applying a bulk action
  • Fixed Preview throws 404 for unpublished pages when in combination with SEOChecker datatype
  • Update ignore remote.axd when validating links
  • Fixed Positive messages are not shown when errors on page
  • Update Support new Google Analytics tag in the validator
  • Fixed Huge base64 string as image breaks validation queue

V1.6.1 Bugfix Release

  • Fixed Single domain with path assigned causes rewrite issue
  • FixedWhen metadata methods are used on a document without SEOChecker datatype a ysod is thrown
  • Fixed 404 and 500 cannot be used as a pagename
  • Fixed Protected pages doesn't get validated but all keyword issues are green
  • Added Make forceHTTPS property also possible for canonical url
  • Added make status code 410 possible in inbound link issues overview
  • Added Delete data files after import
  • FixedSQL is not Azure compliant
  • FixedInclude query string in redirect search
  • Fixed Focus keyword not highlighted in preview when having comma after
  • Fixed Self signed SSL certificate - Error during validation of document
  • Fixed SEO Checker datatype - horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed Alias and Name properties get mixed up   
  • Fixed Sitemap shows YSOD in Umbraco 7.1.5

V1.6 Update release

  • Added Always redirect top page option
  • Added wildcard/catch all support for redirects
  • Updated Usergroup admin needs to have access to settings
  • Updated V7 application icon to chart-curve instead of black and white SEO Checker logo
  • Fixed virtual folder issues
  • Fixed Multid domain page change issues didn't get triggered
  • Fixed umbracoFile property of type Image cropper breaks redirect in V7
  • Fixed MySQL installation issue
  • Fixed rare 403 issues in validation process
  • Fixed unicode support for snippet preview in Umbraco v7
  • Fixed styling issue of SEO Checker data type in Umbraco V7
  • Fixed Metadata.Current also works for mapped properties in data type

V1.5.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Item already exists error in snippet preview datatype on Umbraco V7.1.2
  • Fixed: Picker in V7 can only pick content items
  • Fixed: Made PropertyEditor converter V7 compatible
  • Fixed: redirect doesn;t respect domain and querystring parameters
  • Fixed: Even when there is no not found page configured, 404 in UmbracoSettings.config gets ignored
  • Fixed Ysod when media item is deleted and event wasn't triggered.
  • Added support for virtual directories 
  • Added option to disable Not found functionality
  • Added config key to move configuration to a different folder
  • Added option to force HTTPS scheme in sitemap.xml

V1.5.1 Bugfix release

  • Fixed: Snippet preview Javascript error on chrome and IE for Umbraco V7
  • Fixed: Google analytics check is case sensitive
  • Fixed: When renaming a page only the first child gets redirected correctly

V1.5 Update release

  • Support for Umbraco V7 (Requires at least 7.0.3)
  • Deleted references of child nodes also on a single delete operation
  • Improved Paging
  • Added search option for inbound link error overview
  • Improved Google Analytics check to support Google Tagmanager
  • Fixed: Hidden in sitemap property only works when exclude navihide is set 

V1.4.1 Update release  

  • Added positive keyword usage feedback on datatype
  • Added configuration option to check for missing ALT attributes on images in templates
  • Added property to exclude validation for certain pages
  • Improved caching for redirects module
  • Improved, automatically generated meta descriptions will be truncated at 160 characters
  • Fixed minor Sitemap namespace issue
  • Fixed email exception for notifications in some situations

V1.4 Update release

  • Redirect functionality also works for Media
  • Redirect Import/export functionality
  • Fix Robots.txt is not updated when rootnode settings are not specified
  • Fix Ignore AngularJS databinding markup for broken links

V1.3 Update release

  • Added redirect manager
  • Added datatype for redirects
  • Added option to specify a canonical page
  • Fixed sitemap.xml doesn't respect https

V1.2 Update release

  • Added option to specify a not found page per site(rootnode) and language(s). This will work with aspx pages and non aspx pages such as .php extensions
  • Added option to specify the canonical domain per site(rootnode)
  • Added option to edit robots.txt file per site(rootnode)
  • Added support for umbracoUrlName in the redirect module
  • Added support for more than one default property to generate a default Meta title and Meta description
  • Added support for seoXmlSiteMapHide property to exclude pages from the generated sitemap
  • Added Property Editor converter for SEO Checker datatype to get a type safe version of Meta Data
  • Updated style for SEO Checker datatype

1.1.2 Bugfix release

  • Fixed Don't use canonical redirects in case of HTTP Post
  • Fixed Automatically redirect for non aspx extension doesn't work when root has no template assigned.
  • Fixed tel: in href causes broken link
  • Fixed Unicode characters in focus keyword don't get recognized
  • Fixed Validator counts Escaped unicode characters as 5 characters
  • Fixed Change keyword selection tool location to new keyword planner
  • Fixed Error column in validation table is too small

1.1.1 Bugfix release

  • Added paging to overviews
  • Fixed layout issues
  • Fixed callto: in href causes broken link
  • Fixed Setting 404 explicit in template cause redirect loop

1.1 Update release

  • Added bulk select and update operations on every issue overview.
  • Added Scheduled validation
  • Added User notifications.
  • Added datatypes to override the document settings for Robots and XML sitemap
  • XML Sitemap will automatically generate an index file after 10000 items. Each sitemap will contain max 10000 items.

1.0.5 Bugfix release

  • Fixed MySql installer issues
  • Fixed Title gets encoded
  • Fixed Anonymous protocol url's are broken
  • Fixed replace CRLF concats two words together in Preview
  • Updated Link check algoritm. When a HEAD request fails, SEOChecker retries with GET first before reporting the link broken.

1.0.4 Bugfix release

  • Added new licensing dll to support both Deli as our own licensing system
  • Removed multiple H1 check
  • Fixed metadata master template issue

1.0.3 Bugfix release:

  • Fixed Illegal characters in url causing redirect loops
  • Fixed Deleted documents are visible in the queue
  • Fixed Unpublished parent is causing validation issues for published child documents
  • Fixed not existing page url's with non aspx extension will not redirect correctly
  • Fixed Assigning domains can cause issues during validation process
  • Fixed Only a part of the sitemap is rendered on large XML sitemaps
  • Fixed Template validation reports small amount of comments
  • Fixed Extra spaces in focus keyword causes snippet preview to output HTML
  • Fixed casing of focus keyword is used in snippet preview instead of title/description/url casing
  • Fixed SEO Checker reports keyword not found when keyword is in the url but not in a single part of the url
  • Fixed License error message is shown after uploading a valid license
  • Fixed Assigned domain on a second or more level in V6 has rootnode in url when mapped via inbound link issues

 1.0.2 Compatibilty release:

  • Fixed Umbraco V 6.0.1 compatibility issues

1.0.1 Bugfix release:

  • Fixed issues with port numbers in url's. SEO Checker now works on webmatrix
  • Added *.axd to robots.txt
  • Remove double slash from url when redirecting from .php url's
  • Fixed issue in document type configuration where parent got updated also when editing child document type.
  • Multiple H1 message is less strict

1.0 Initial release