Release Notes

V13.1 Update Release

  • Fix when used with image cropper

V13 Major Release

  •  Added support for Umbraco V13
  •  Updated to .NET 8
  •  Breaking Appsettings schema support (when you configured appsettings for MediaProtect)

V12.1 Update Release

  • Fix when used with image cropper

12 Major Release

  • Support for Umbraco V12

10 Major Release

  • Support for Umbraco V10

9.1 Release

V9.0.0 Major release

      • Supports Umbraco V9
      • Breaking, doesn't work on older versions. use 2.x instead

V2.8.4 Update release

      • Fixed Security issue

V2.8.1 Update release

      • Support for Umbraco V8.1.
      • Breaking: Doesn't work on v8.0

V2.8 Update release

      • Support for Umbraco V8.
      • Breaking: Using Latest Umbraco dll's.
      • Breaking: MediaProtect.DAL project removed.
      • Breaking: ImageGen validator removed.
      • Breaking: Events Moved to MediaProtect.Extensions dll.
      • Breaking: Removed XSLT support.

V2.1.3 Bugfix Release

      • Fixed Blank Pages on PDF in Chrome.

V2.1.1 Bugfix release

      • Fixed indexing issue for items that are in Recyclye Bin.
      • Fixed indexing issue for items that have no filename.

V2.1 Update release

      • Added Make media folder configurable in config.
      • Added Events for DialogActions. MediaAccessEvents.MediaItemProtected and MediaAccessEvents.MediaItemProtectionRemoved.
      • Fixed When media folder is virtual path outside website folder Umbraco throws error.
      • Fixed Exclude validation if it's not the Umbraco media folder.
      • Fixed DisableMediaProtectDialog in config does not work anymore.

V2 Major Upgrade Release

      • Using IFileSystem instead of System.IO
      • Supports Azure Blob storage
      • Added indexer for faster check of protected files
      • Authentication refactored. It is using Member services by default now (Can still switch to Membership API)
      • Added Umbraco Helper extensions
      • Debug info now stored in normal log file
      • Installer is using Migrations instead of package actions
      • Moved MediaAccess.config to database
      • Minimal Umbraco version is 7.4 (Breaking)
      • Removed XSLT Support(Breaking)
      • Removed all Webforms logic(Could be breaking)

1.6.2 Bugfix release 

      •    Fixed context issue on Umbraco 7.3

1.6.1 Bugfix release

      • Fixed image cropper cache issue
      • Fixed context loader issue

1.6 Update release

      •  Nuget support
      • Added translations for Dutch and German language.
      • Image cropper support (configurable, disabled by default check documentation)

1.5.1 Bugfix release

      • Remove HTTPContext dependency from Library project to avoid issues with Examine.
      • Content folders, called "media" go 404 when mediaprotect is installed
      • Caching issue on load balanced environment
      • Add overload on HasAccess to pass in membershipUser

1.5 Update release

      •     Added support for Umbraco V7