Member export documentation

Download the Member export user manual from our download page.

System Requirements:

Member export (Pro) is compatible with Umbraco V4.5 + including Umbraco V6 and V7. Member export is compatible with SQL Server 2005/2008 (Express).

For version 4.6+ Member export will also work with SQLServer Compact edition V4. Member export requires .net Framework 3.5.

Member export (PRO) will only work with the default Umbraco Membership Provider!

Recently changed

  • Added Nuget support
  • Fixed installer to install trees correctly on 6.2.5 +.
  • Added Create copy option for save to support "save as".
  • Added support for Umbraco V7
  • Fixed when there is no data to export the column names are available in the Excel sheet
  • It's now possible to export all members with or without groups assigned.
  • Added support for Excel

Check the release notes page for a complete list of changes.